CROSSINGS by Marsha Carow Markman

Crossings is a collection of short stories that began years ago with scribblings on Post-it notes and journals, all set aside while the author was engulfed in a teaching career, a poetry group with university colleagues and writing for the academic marketplace. Resurfaced, completed and revised, the stories grew out of her favorite words: what if, words that plunged her into a world of the paranormal and all manner of phenomenon that, but for the courage of a cadre of researchers and experiencers, often rest outside the realm of science and too often the object of ridicule and indifference.

Beginning with, “The Crossing,” Boston is home to the characters in each tale, a city with a long and varied history of American experience. The first-person “telling” by the central characters intimately connects each narrator with the reader in these tales of unexpected and unexplained experiences.